About us

LitCarrier is a cargo transport company working on an international scale which started its activity in 2011. Each year we gain experience in the field of cargo transport, which already helped us to develop reliable network of roads and routes in all countries of Europe. We are constantly developing and good quality working company. We continually widen our clients base and we have already managed to acquire a good name in the field of international cargo transport. Our transport meets the requirements of Euro 6 certificates.


Our main service is international cargo transport in Europe countries. Our routes reach all of European countries from East to West of Europe to Scandinavian countries. We transport cargo with help of tent covered semi – trailers and other semi - trailers which can transport products that need low temperatures to be sustained. We care about Your cargo and because of that our company’s trucks keep up with latest technologies and all of them are in a perfect technical shape. Every truck is equipped with GPS tracking system that allows us and our clients to be able to get information about a location of the specific truck at any moment.


We give a lot of our attention for drivers as they are one of main parts of whole transport mechanism . Our company is developing constantly and because of that we are constantly looking for new drivers with experience in international cargo transport. If You are responsible, able to act in handling extreme situations and have experience in this field then feel free to contact us at any time to discuss possible cooperation.